Feb 25 2023 - Mar 19 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Remember The Time – MJ tribute

Co-Producers Joshua Dal Santo as Michael & Leanne Williamson, with a cast of brilliant dancers in massive dance pieces, retelling compelling signature moments & moves that will take you back to Michael’s music. Bringing you live on-stage the 1930’s gangster style lounge in Smooth Criminal; the reflection of Remember The Time; anti-gravity leans, moonwalking and everything MJ to an in-your-face graveyard horror of Thriller. Plus, the inclusion of an entire choir brought together especially to touch your inner harmonic MJ core, a soloist, circus performers and talented dancers, reflecting Michael’s diversity, his biggest hits and moving ballads. Pure entertainment for the young, the old and everything in between!


The Pyramid


Leanne Williamson and Joshua Dal Santo

Joshua & Leanne have both performed from a young age: Both have done everything from catwalk, tv ads, catalogues, magazines, fashion shows, charity events, both have been producers, choreographers, creative directors & performers for live shows including gala balls, fringe, local council, private parties, both have danced internationally and starred in movies.

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