Feb 17 - 24 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Love Life Laundry

“What’s normal in a long-term relationship? The quirks, the antics, the bed sheet wars, and other everyday moments are explored by two love birds in a show celebrating the ups and downs of their eight year adventure.

Peek into the domestic lives of two acrobats as they retell the twist and tumbles of their love through a unique fusion of powerful aerials, silly acrobatics, and absurd dance in a light-hearted, wholesome show.

Be ready to laugh, blush, roll your eyes and have your heartstrings pulled!”


The Pyramid


Circus Sorbet

Circus Sorbet is a Perth based duo travelling to Adelaide Fringe for the first time to debut their show! Performed by acrobats Anthony Tran and Fay MacFarlane, the collision of these two bodies results in unique story told through movement, acrobatics, dance, and aerial circus.

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